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Could Dental Bonding Save Your Smile?

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we see patients all the time who could use a little help in terms of cosmetics. Many folks just don’t know where to begin. Maybe you can relate?

Are you…

…disgusted with the look of your teeth?

…tired of feeling embarrassed about opening your mouth?

…hoping to elevate both the health and appearance of your smile?

…searching for a dentist in Oregon City who can take you where you need to go?

The you are in the right place!

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we regularly address cosmetic dentistry problems and we can totally transform your smile, if the situation calls for a complete makeover.

That said, if you are looking for something a little more basic, you might consider a dental bonding session.

We can set you up with dental bonds to fix up your cracked or decaying teeth. In actuality, dental bonding is one of the more cost-effective and flexible cosmetic treatments going today. Plus, bonding is completely non-invasive.

This simple procedure utilizes a composite resin material that blends in naturally with your teeth, making it hard for anyone to detect that you’ve had any cosmetic dentistry work done.

The nice thing is that in addition to being safe, discreet, and affordable, this procedure is also easy to endure.

Seriously, your tooth-bonding session usually requires no anesthesia or preparation of the tooth, and can be completed in only a matter of minutes. Could it get any easier than that?

There are other perks to consider. Unlike more complex cosmetic treatments, there won’t be any need to send materials off to a laboratory or wait around for weeks to get a final result.

Here’s how it works: to put the wheels in motion, we will use a special tool to roughen the surface of the tooth so the bond can more easily attach to the tooth.

Next, we will apply a conditioning liquid that helps the material bond properly to the tooth.

After the composite material has been successfully placed, we will use a special UV light to make the bond harden on the spot. When the bond is hard enough, we will carefully shape and polish the bond to match your own special smile.

Dental bonds can help fix an array of irritating dental issues, including: broken teeth, decay, weird gaps, discoloration, etc.

Is taking care of your bonded teeth difficult? Not at all! You just carry out your regular home hygiene habits of brushing twice a day (for two minutes or more) and flossing on a regular basis. That’s all there is to it.

However, we do recommend that folks with dental bonds stay away from stain-producing beverages such as coffee, Coke, and red wine in the initial days after the bonding session.

See For Yourself!

As you now know, a little dental bonding can go a long way. This treatment can radically improve your smile without much investment of time or money.

Call 503-917-0523 today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment, or simply contact us using the online form to start the process.

See you then!



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