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Dental Implants: Your Best Solution For Tooth Loss Part I

Welcome back to the Oregon City Family Dentistry blog! At our family-centered practice, we strive to provide all the dental solutions that your family will need at any given time, and the education to keep your mouths healthy.

In recent posts, we talked about the importance of good oral hygiene habits and regular checkups, especially for detecting gum disease while it is in the early stages.

We also discussed how advanced gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in American adults because it deteriorates your gum tissues and your jawbone until your tooth becomes loose enough to fall out or necessitate extraction.

Obviously, gum disease is never a good thing (and can usually be prevented in the first place).

Moreover, losing a tooth as an adult, for whatever reason, is going to be a traumatic experience.

But disease and tooth loss will not be the end of your problems.

This is because you will continue to lose bone density in your jaw in the empty spaces where your teeth are supposed to be.

Misalignment of your teeth and jaw can occur as your body tries to compensate for the loss.

This can result in the improper distribution of your bite force (which can damage your remaining teeth and make them more susceptible to disease).

What’s more, things in your mouth will never work the same as they used to.

Following tooth loss, you might experience pain or have difficulty when chewing food.

Your speech can also be impacted and you might find it hard to be properly understood.

So, what can be done to get things back on track after tooth loss?

For many years, the only viable options for fixing the problems caused by tooth loss were conventional dentures and dental bridges.

These measures can be effective, but they aren’t without drawbacks.

For instance, these solutions only provide a partial restoration of your bite strength, which is key for chewing foods and conversing.

Another concern is that, over time, dentures frequently lose their fit. When this happens they can cause loud clicking noises when you move your mouth. Worse yet, they can fall out of your mouth and cause you a lot of embarrassment.

Ultimately, dentures that have lost their fit will eventually have to be replaced.

This is unfortunate news since many people still consider dentures as an option because they are perceived to have the lowest upfront costs.

But if you have to replace them whenever your oral cavity changes shape, the costs will continue for the rest of your life.

Why Are Implants Better?

Dental implants can restore 100% of your bite strength, as well as your ability to speak coherently.

Beyond that, dental implants are safe, they look and feel natural, present no risk of infection, and with proper maintenance, they will last the rest of your life without requiring any costly adjustments.

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we believe that, for most patients, dental implants are the best value for replacing missing teeth.

Come see if dental implants are right for you!

In our next post we will talk through more specifics around the actual implant process.

If you want to learn more before that, contact us today and make an appointment for a consultation.



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