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Dental Veneers For A Better Smile In Oregon City

Hello again. Thanks for stopping by our oral health blog! We are the dental office in Oregon City, Oregon that you can turn to for all your dentistry needs, including cosmetic makeovers.

Now that the holidays are behind us, it seems like a great time to focus on fixing those troublesome aspects of your teeth. You know, the issues that make you feel self-conscious whenever you open your mouth. This isn’t about vanity. Everyone deserves a better smile and the better quality of life that follows!

Along the lines of self-improvements, today’s blog post will look at a procedure that is perfect for transforming the appearance of cracked, chipped, or stained teeth. We use it all the time here at Oregon City Family Dentistry, and this solution involves dental veneers.

Veneers Make Everything Better

Here’s the skinny: dental veneers are ultra-thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to your tooth.

Something of a catch-all, our veneers can hide distracting discoloration, chips, and cracks. We can even use veneers to close the gap between teeth, alter the shape of the tooth, or restore worn enamel. As such, if your teeth have been damaged or simply has a few imperfections, a porcelain veneer will make it look completely restored. Sounds good, right?

Here’s how it works: at Oregon City Family Dentistry, we place veneers under local anesthesia and only minimally prepare the teeth. To prepare the tooth, we remove a portion of the enamel, about 3mm, to ensure that the veneer will fit your smile naturally. The only disadvantage of porcelain veneers is that the tooth cannot be unprepared, so it’s important to make sure the treatment is right for you before we get started.

As you would expect, we take accurate impressions of your teeth to find the most appropriate size and shape of the permanent restoration. We also use the mold to create a wax-up of your mouth. Using the wax-up, we can show you how the final restoration will look and fit. Our staff typically places veneers in two quick visits, one to prepare the tooth and the final to place the permanent restoration. Easy enough, right?

While it is true that porcelain veneers are aesthetically pleasing, they are about much more than just looking good! It turns out that veneers can actually strengthen your tooth and restore function.

As such, if you have weak enamel or damaged teeth, or if you have ever had root canals on your front teeth, you can greatly benefit from this aspect of veneers. Why is that the case? Having veneers placed on damaged teeth will preserve the tooth from future damage and help you avoid that untimely break or dental emergency.

Take The Next Step! Get In Touch Today!

We hope you will be inspired to take the next step. Now that you know what we can do to improve your smile, what’s holding you back?

If you are interested in learning more about our porcelain veneers, or want to schedule your appointment, contact Oregon City Family Dentistry right away! We can’t wait to see you!



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