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Get A Brighter Smile For Spring

Brett is a senior in high school who has been a regular patient of ours, along with his parents and siblings. He is in pretty good health, oral or otherwise, and he takes good care of his teeth. The problem is that he has a few vices. He loves chocolate, and he is fond of soda pop. Yeah, he’s a teenager, so the fact that he enjoys these things isn’t electrifying news or anything. Still, now that it is time for senior pictures, prom, and graduation, his family has become concerned about the deep-seated stains that have left their mark on Brett’s smile.

Fortunately, when they were here last month, we knew just how to address their concerns about the shape of Brett’s formerly-pearly-whites. We recommended a whitening treatment! Before you knew it, Brett had a camera-ready smile and the confidence to secure a great prom date.

Professional whitening treatments are fast and effective methods for achieving a brighter, whiter smile. Just don’t waste your money on a store-bought DIY kit, please! They aren’t worth the trouble. you see, they never quite fit your unique mouth, which is the most important feature for getting the job done. Plus, any spillage that results from the ill-fitting gear can damage your gums. And, in the end, you will only have yourself to blame since you are put in-charge of the process. Sounds terrible, right? Many of our patients have had to learn the hard way that your dentist does it better when it comes to teeth whitening in Oregon City.

Trust The Pros At Oregon City Family Dentistry

When you come to us with your whitening needs, you can trust that you will get your desired results.

We offer a few advantages. As opposed to the aforementioned over-the-counter kits, we can create custom-made whitening trays that fit your teeth exactly the way they are supposed to for the purposes of this project.

Accordingly, the professional-grade peroxide bleaching gel will be concentrated in the right places and stay away from your gums and soft tissues–where they definitely do not belong.

Plus, our at-home whitening kits are simple to use. You’ll just have to apply the gel into your mouthpiece each night and continue the process until you reach your desired results. Easy enough, right?

Our whitening treatments have the power to improve your smile by up to eight shades, so you will definitely be ready to face your coworkers, or like Brett, finish high school in style.

Once we get started, our whitening treatment should take no more than a couple of weeks, and it is minimally invasive.

Ready To Brighten Your World?

Many folks like Brett find that their teeth are easily stained or discolored. And they seem to pay more attention to the problem immediately ahead of a momentous occasion. But even in times such as these, there is no real reason to despair. Because we can quickly turn things around for you at Oregon City Family Dentistry.

For a brighter and whiter smile in Oregon City, call us today at 503-917-0523 or contact us online to schedule your teeth whitening consultation.



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