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If you are searching for options to replace your missing teeth, or you’re tired of dealing with the pitfalls of removable dentures, our Oregon City dental office can help you in your dental journey. At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive dental care, from general dentistry services to life-changing dental implants.

There is nothing quite like dental implants available in dentistry today. Dental implants almost exactly mimic the function of your natural teeth and can support durable crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Dr. Annalisa Smith has taken hours in continuing education to both place and restore dental implants. Our office also offers sedation dentistry for patients who need a full-mouth restoration or for fearful patients who need something to help them relax before treatments.

Dental implants are made from titanium and naturally fuse to the patient’s jawbone. While placing dental implants is technically oral surgery, the entire process can be completed in one visit and often has minimal discomfort. In fact, patients tell us that having the implant placed is no more invasive than having a filling. Once the implant is placed, it takes about four months for the rod to properly fuse to the jawbone.

Single-tooth dental implants are the best way to replace individual missing teeth. We recommend single dental implants for patients who have had teeth extracted or knocked out, or for patients who have teeth damaged beyond repair. Before dental implants existed, dentists exclusively used bridges to fill the gap caused by a missing tooth. Placing a bridge can be very invasive because it requires us to file down two adjacent teeth to support the device, even if those teeth are free of decay. A single-tooth dental implant only addresses the gap created by the missing tooth and does not require us to prepare nearby teeth.

You may think a single missing tooth has no bearing on your oral health. Think again! Not only are gaps in your smile very distracting, but those gaps can disrupt the alignment of your bite and spur additional oral health problems like gum disease, decay, and jawbone recession.

Implant-retained dentures are typically fixed with two or more dental implants. This option is life-changing for patients who have lived for years, or sometimes even decades, with removable dentures. Removable dentures offer only about 25 percent of the biting force of natural teeth, and the devices are not fixed to your jaw. This is an important point because when you lose your teeth, your jawbone loses its chief function and begins to recede. Those of you living with removable dentures are quite aware that this change in the gums and jaw leads to ill-fitting dentures and potentially sores and lesions in the mouth.

After having dental implants placed to support your dentures, you’ll never have to worry about your dentures flopping or sliding around again. Your oral appliances will be securely fixed to the implants, and only our office will be able to remove them during your regular cleanings and checkups.

A implant-supported bridge functions just like a traditional bridge, but instead of anchoring the bridge with two natural teeth, we anchor the bridge with dental implants. Most traditional bridges have a series of three crowns used to fill the gap caused by one missing tooth. The problem, of course, is that many people have multiple missing teeth side by side. To address this issue, and to avoid the need for a non-fixed partial denture, we place two dental implants to anchor the bridge appliance. We then restore the two implants with crowns and place a crown to fill the gap in the middle of the implants.

Dr. Annalisa Smith carefully examines every patient who requests dental implants. Dental implant patients must be in relatively good health and have enough jawbone to support the implants.

If you’re a candidate for dental implants, our office can give you your smile back in just a few quick visits! Our patients, especially those struggling with removable dentures, are simply amazed at the power of dental implants. After their procedures, they can eat the food they love, and smile proudly from ear to ear, without having to worry about their teeth.

Don’t let missing teeth dismantle your confidence or wreak havoc on your health! Call us today at 503-656-8250 or fill out our online form to schedule your first appointment.




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