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Tired of loose or ill-fitting dentures getting in the way of your social life or keeping you from eating the food you love? So are we. At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we know that living with partial or full-arch dentures is an everyday struggle. Unfortunately, some patients have given up hope or have stopped searching for ways to stabilize their dentures and improve their biting force.

Our Oregon City dental team is skilled in offering dental implant options that will retain your dentures and restore function to your mouth. Dentures supported by implants are not your parent’s false teeth. These new dentures give you optimal chewing force and help preserve your jawbone. If you’re living with removable dentures, you’re already well aware of the limitations. You have a special cleaning and storing regimen. The dentures most likely have changed shape, broken, or warped over time. And then there’s the long list of foods you’ve given up on.

While dental implants are more expensive than removable dentures, please consider the list of benefits below before ruling out the treatment solely based on the cost. You will be surprised how implant-supported dentures can improve your quality of life.

Improve Biting Force –  One of the biggest differences between dental implants and dentures is the biting force. Removable dentures are not secured to your jawbone, in fact, they solely rely on adhesives and suction and only provide a meager 25 percent of the biting power you had with your natural teeth. Dental implants, on the other hand, can get you as close to 90 percent of the biting force that you had with your natural teeth. That difference opens the window for you to eat foods you have been missing out on for years.

Improve Overall Health – With the restrictions in the diet, it’s hard for denture-wearers to get the nutrition they need. That means reduced overall health and quality of life. Studies have shown that dentures can actually cut your life short by up to 10 years. Dental implants allow you to maintain a healthy diet and can improve your overall health.

Preserve Your Jawbone –Another disadvantage of dentures, and the most noticeable, is that dentures are not fixed to your jawbone. When you lose your teeth, the jawbone begins to recede. In as little as 18 months, you’ll start to see the vertical height between your nose and chin inch closer and closer. Dental implants help secure dentures but also preserve the jawbone because they naturally fuse to the jawbone. By preserving your jawbone, we can maintain a natural vertical height between your nose and chin and reduce the wrinkles around the mouth.

We offer beautiful dentures to restore dental implants or for those looking for removable options. Our office works with every patient to ensure that dentures or implant-supported dentures are the right treatment. Dental implant candidates should be in relatively good health and have enough jawbone density to support the implants.

If you are struggling with tooth loss, consider a method that will improve your oral health and make your smile beautiful. Call us today at 503-656-8250 or schedule a consultation with our doctors by using the online form.

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