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When you lay your head upon your pillow for a good night’s rest, the trouble begins.

This trouble I’m talking about? You might not even know it’s happening. Instead, you awake in the morning, bleary eyed and head pounding, dealing with its symptoms: headaches, soreness in your face, and a growing pain in your jaw and cheeks.

It might seem strange at first. You don’t recall ever seeing anything strange going on with your teeth or your gums when you go to brush your teeth, so what gives?

Unfortunately, just because you can’t see the problem doesn’t mean it’s not there. And if any of these symptoms are an indication, then you likely never really will – except until it’s too late.

If these problems sound a little too familiar to you or to a loved one, then it sounds like you are suffering from a condition known as teeth grinding – but don’t worry: I have a simple treatment that can prevent any further damage from occurring to your smile!


What Is Teeth Grinding?

Before we go into treatment, let’s first understand what teeth grinding is, how it happens, and what it will do to your smile if you don’t seek treatment from your Oregon City dentist.

Teeth grinding – also known as “bruxism” in scientific terms – is just as it sounds: Chronic, compulsive gnashing of your teeth against one another. Some patients grind their teeth at night, whereas others do it during the day – or even both. Teeth grinding works differently for different people.

But what causes it?

The bulk of dental research indicates that the primary source of teeth grinding is anxiety. By generating this seemingly endless supply of nervous energy, your mind and body have adapted to cope with this stress by taking it out on your smile.


Reduce Your Stress

One of the biggest things that you can do on your own is anything that will lower your overall stress level. That includes whatever activities that you find relaxing, such as swimming, prayer, meditation, or just a simple walk around the neighborhood block.

In moderate to severe cases of anxiety, you may greatly benefit from counseling or some other form of talking therapy to help you address the real root of your constant clenching of your jaw.

Extreme cases may benefit from anti-anxiety medication, but of course, it should go without saying that you should consult with your family doctor before you do anything.

But even in the best case scenarios, achieving results from those processes will take time – time you can’t afford to lose when it comes to damage to your teeth. Even as you’re working to lower your anxiety levels, your teeth grinding won’t be cleared up overnight.

That’s why you need smile protection that is as immediate as it is comfortable.


Custom Nightguard To Protect Your Teeth

The solution in the vast majority of teeth grinding cases is to have your Oregon City dentist craft a set of custom mouthguards to protect your teeth from themselves.

A custom mouthguard won’t just act as a protective barrier between your teeth, keeping them from wearing down as a result of the grinding forces, but it can also help to prevent as well as treat a related oral dysfunction known as TMJ disorder.

You see, if you allow your teeth grinding to remain untreated, the combined forces of your constant biting can, over time, cause your jaw to actually become dislocated. And if your temporomandibular joint (the joint connecting your jaw to your head) becomes compromised in this way, your ability to bite, chew, and even talk will suffer greatly.

Fortunately, your teeth grinding won’t ever reach such a disastrous level if you reach out to me and seek corrective, preventative dentistry treatment while there’s still time.


Appointment-Making Made Easy

I’ve built my practice around serving my patients’ every need, and making appointments is no exception. I’ll work with your schedule because I know how hard it can be to carve out the time to see your dentist even if you weren’t suffering from the literal headaches associated with bruxism.

You can reach me at (503) 917-0523, or you can request your appointment online by filling out our simple web form.



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