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Refresh Your Pearly Whites For The New Year

Hello again. Thanks for stopping by the virtual home of Oregon City Family Dentistry! We hope that you are finding lots of good oral health-related information here. And we hope that if you ever need a dentist in Oregon City, OR, you will give us a closer look.

Besides helpful articles, in this platform, we also like to drop in some fun facts now and then. Did you know that a hippopotamus has 42 to 44 teeth? When a hippo is angry it opens its mouth and shows its big teeth. You wouldn’t want to get on a hippo’s bad side, that’s for sure! But anyway, how do you feel about sharing your smile with the world? Are you confident in the way it looks, or are you embarrassed about all the yellowing and staining that has snuck up on you? With all the coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate consumed in this country, it is a wonder that anyone still has white teeth!

If you are looking for a whitening solution, we can help you turn things around just in time for the new year. Wouldn’t it be nice to start 2016 off with a smile that you can feel proud to flash?

We think so too!

Just don’t waste your time with a store-bought kit.

Over-The-Counter Solutions Are Problematic

Here’s the thing: buying a whitening kit in a store and managing the process yourself isn’t ever going to be the same as entrusting the treatment to an oral health professional. Those DIY kits are mass-manufactured and never fit your mouth quite right. This will prevent them from working to their full potential and it may cause spillage that can damage your soft tissues.

Trust us, it isn’t worth the hassle. Especially when your Oregon City dentist can do it better!

Dentist-Guided Whitening Treatments

When you turn to us for your whitening needs, we can promise to get the job done safely and effectively. There are a few advantages. Unlike over-the-counter kits, we can custom-make whitening trays that fit your teeth the way they are supposed to.

Thus, the peroxide bleaching gel will be concentrated in the right places and stay away from your gums and soft tissues–where they definitely do not need to be.

What’s more, our at-home whitening kits are extremely easy to use. You’ll simply apply the gel into your mouthpiece each night and continue the process until you reach your desired results.

Our whitening treatments have the power to improve your smile by up to eight shades, so you will definitely be ready to face the world again.

After you get the ball rolling, our whitening treatment should take no more than a couple of weeks, and it is minimally invasive.

In the end, the results will blow you away!

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Why live with the embarrassment of yellow or stained teeth?

We can quickly reverse the effects of discoloration!

For a brighter and whiter smile in Oregon City, call us today at 503-917-0523 or contact us online to schedule your teeth whitening consultation.



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