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“You need a root canal.”

Just imagine your dentist saying that may make you feel a little uneasy. We understand why. Movies and television shows have made root canals seem like the most painful procedure you could endure in a dentist’s office.

It also doesn’t help that it’s common for people to say, “I’d rather have a root canal than ______.” The implication being that having a root canal is an awful experience.

Here the truth that you may not have heard — most root canals are just boring.

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we do everything that we can to keep you as comfortable as possible. Root canal treatments should alleviate your pain not cause you new problems.

If you have questions or concerns about root canal procedures, then please call our dentist office in Oregon City, OR, to learn more.

Your Teeth Should Not Hurt

Here’s another truth that you should know. Your teeth should not cause you pain. If they are, then you should make an appointment to visit us as soon as you are able.

We say this for a good reason. The nerves for your teeth are on the inside. If you are able to feel pain in your tooth, that means something has infected the inside of one of your teeth.

Tooth pain is the most common symptom of a root canal. This pain can occur in a number of ways.

It may be a lingering pain that never seems to go away. It may be a sharp pain that intensifies at particular times.

It could be a pain that is worse when you are eating or drinking. You may notice that the infected tooth is more sensitive to hot, cold, sweets, or all three.

In any case, tooth pain should not be considered normal, and you should not expect it to just go away on its own. You need to see a dental professional who can help you determine the best treatment.

Why You May Need A Root Canal Treatment

You may have noticed that we referred to your infected tooth in the description above. That’s exactly what is causing your problem.

The infection may have started with a cavity or with gum disease. In either case, bacteria have eaten away at the outer layers of your tooth. The pain likely started when the bacteria reached the interior of your tooth.

Your root canals are openings in the roots of your teeth. This is where nerves and blood vessels enter your teeth. You also have pulp, a softer tissue in the root canals and at the center of your teeth.

If bacteria infect the pulp, it can become inflamed. This can cause the pain you have been experiencing.

The best way to alleviate your pain is by removing the infection from the inside of your tooth.

Why Not Pull The Tooth?

In very serious cases, extraction may be necessary, but we prefer to preserve as much of a tooth whenever possible.

If we can save all or part of a tooth, this is what we want to do. A root canal treatment is a way to remove the infection without removing your entire tooth.

How do we accomplish this goal? Well, first and foremost, we make sure our patients don’t feel any pain during the procedure. In fact, we go out of our way to make sure your root canal treatment is pain-free.

At a minimum, we will provide a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and your surrounding gum tissue. For patients who may be a little anxious about the procedure, we also offer sedation dentistry to ensure that you don’t feel a thing.

Once we know that you are numb, we will create an opening in the infected tooth. This will allow us to remove the pulp, nerves and blood vessels from your tooth.

We also want to reduce the risk of a new infection. For that reason, we clean and sanitize the interior of your tooth, and we fill it with a special material.

After the procedure, we will seal your tooth. Depending on the size of the opening, you may receive a filling or we may create a dental crown.

Stop Living In Pain

We don’t want anyone who comes to our dentist office in Oregon City, OR, to experience the pain of a toothache. We may be able to alleviate that pain with a root canal treatment.

To talk to someone or to make an appointment, fill out our online form or call Oregon City Family Dentistry at 503-917-0523.



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