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Even though regular dental cleanings and exams are our best defense against long-term and serious oral health problems, none of us are immune to dental emergencies. In your busy life, some of the last things you probably want to worry about are loose fillings, broken crowns, or trauma to your tooth. But the truth is those things can happen at any given time, and your best course of action is to have a dentist you can trust address the problem in a timely manner.

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we offer special dental emergency services for you and your loved ones. We provide same-day emergency services, and we have a special after-hours number for patients to call in case of a dental emergency. Drs. Annalisa and Kyle Smith or one of our talented staff members will always be available to take your calls.

Our biggest concern with dental emergencies is relieving you of any possible pain. Dental pain, especially nerve pains, can be downright debilitating. We offer powerful local anesthesia and oral conscious sedation to help relieve you of your pain and then begin addressing the issue. If you call our office during regular business hours, we can schedule you a visit that very day.

Aching tooth: Having an achy tooth is nothing to ignore. Not only is a toothache extremely painful, but it’s also a sure sign that something has gone wrong inside your mouth. Your tooth should not hurt. Toothaches are often caused by gum disease or even deep cavities. When decay reaches the dental pulp, or the tooth has had trauma, it’s possible for the dental pulp to become infected or to develop an abscess. We can complete in-office root canals to relieve you of your pain and restore your tooth.

Broken tooth: Tooth can break off for a number of reasons. Sometimes old fillings wear and cause a cusp of the tooth to break off while you are chewing, or trauma can break or chip a tooth. Broken tooth can be painful or not hurt at all. Either way, broken tooth should not be left untreated. When you break tooth, you expose the dentin and dental pulp of the tooth, putting it at high risk of a root canal or a total loss. We can restore your tooth with dental crowns, onlays, or inlays that will perfectly match your natural smile.

Dislodged tooth: Perhaps the most startling dental emergency is when a tooth is actually knocked out. A knocked-out tooth can be extremely painful, not to mention emotionally traumatizing. Reaction time is crucial in saving knocked-out tooth. If you can find the tooth, pick it up by the crown – NEVER by the root – and lightly rinse it off. We recommend that you place the tooth in water or stick it under your tongue. By placing the tooth back in your mouth, you are keeping it in its natural environment.

If we cannot save the tooth, we can place dental implants that nearly match the biting force of the natural tooth. If you’re having a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to call our office at 503-656-8250, or fill out our online form.



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