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Your smile is typically one of the first things people notice about your appearance. Usually within seconds, strangers or co-workers notice the shape, alignment, and shade of your teeth.

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we’re focused on helping patients make an incredible first impression. Cosmetic dentistry allows us to enhance your smile while also giving you a little boost in confidence. Teeth-whitening treatment is one of the most fundamental and reliable cosmetic dentistry procedures. You can get the smile of your dreams in just a few weeks.

Teeth Whitening At-Home

We encounter foods and drinks on a daily basis that stain or discolor our teeth (red wine, dark soda, coffee, tea, etc.). As we age, it’s harder and harder to maintain the brightness of our smiles. A dingy smile often makes it seem like the teeth are unhealthy, when the only problem is the shade. A simple and noninvasive whitening treatment procedure can turn a dingy smile into a fabulous smile.

Our office can reverse the stains on your teeth with special, customized at-home whitening treatments. We use a prescription whitening gel and a custom mouthpiece to whiten every inch of your teeth. You can accomplish the shade you’ve always wanted in a matter of just a few hours spread out over only a few weeks, and the treatment can last for years!

Have Your Dentist Handle Whitening

Teeth-whitening certainly is not a new trend in dentistry, and there are numerous over-the-counter whitening options, from strips to gels. While teeth-whitening procedures and treatments have been FDA-approved, it’s still best to visit the dentist before you begin any whitening treatment.

The problem with over-the-counter whitening options lies more with the application than the product itself. Over-the-counter whitening options have a very low-level bleaching formula, which makes it difficult to dramatically whiten teeth, if at all. Patients can misuse the bleaching treatments entirely and not get the desired effects. Patients who use strips sometimes even give themselves streaks in their smile because the strips do not properly fit their mouths.

Perhaps worse than misuing is overusing. Patients can actually overuse over-the-counter whitening treatments and potentially damage their enamel and gums.

Our at-home whitening kit is easy to use. First, we craft a special mouthpiece that fits perfectly over your teeth, and we’ll prescribe you a special bleaching gel. You’ll apply the gel into the mouthpiece nightly until you reach the desired results. Our whitening treatments have the power to improve your smile by up to eight shades.

The entire treatment should take no more than a few weeks, and it is minimally invasive. Teeth whitening candidates should be free of tooth decay and gum disease. If patients have untreated cavities or gum disease, the bleaching agent can irritate the gums or cause sensitivity of the teeth.

If you’re looking for a brighter smile, call us today at 503-656-8250 or use the online form to schedule your first visit.



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