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If you’ve got a family, then you already know that the world is going to throw everything it can at your little ones. This universal concern for our children is so great that we’ve even invented a phrase to describe the act of preparing our homes for a newborn – “child proofing.”

Unfortunately, you can’t child-proof the world-at-large. The slings and arrows of everyday life are going to come at them no matter what you do, so the best you can do is make sure that your family is as protected as possible.

With spring in full swing, one major area of concern is sporting injuries – specifically, oral injuries in high-contact sports. As much as you swell with pride watching your little athlete do their best on the field or on the court, you can’t help but feel a tinge of parental apprehension: What if they get hurt?

It’s an understandable thought, but as you know fully well, you can’t realistically protect your child or adolescent from every conceivable danger, especially if they’re active in sports. It’s just not possible and try as you might, you can’t be everywhere at once. Besides, I’m sure that the ref – not to mention your little athlete – might object to such parental interference.

But you don’t have to settle for a sense of powerlessness, when the protection your family needs is right around the corner in your Oregon City dentist’s office!


Custom Athletic Mouthguards Provide Comfort & Security

Study after study has shown that athletes who wear a custom athletic mouthguard are much, much better off than their peers who don’t wear once. It’s been estimated that 1 out of every 10 athletes will suffer some kind of serious oral injury in their careers. Those other 9 athletes? Yeah, they’re probably wearing mouthguards, or are extremely lucky.

But you can’t rely on luck when it comes to protecting your the smiles of your family, and with a customized athletic mouthguard, you won’t have to.

Unlike store-bought, over-the-counter brands which are usually thinner and less protective than custom guards, my athletic mouthguards are extremely comfortable, designed to the exact specifications of each individual smile.

Your child’s teeth will be completely protected from an errant elbow or erstwhile shoulder, allowing them to play their hardest with the confidence and poise that good sportsmanship requires. Some studies have shown that players who wear a custom athletic mouthguard are more confident than their peers who wear an over-the-counter guard or none at all, simply because it makes them feel like they are wearing “a suit of armor” while they’re playing.


Protection For More Than Smiles

Although more research is needed on the subject, there is a promising link between a custom mouthguard and the prevention of some head injuries, particularly concussion.

How can this be? Well, the leading scientific thought suggests that factors such as the increased thickness of custom mouthguards and their form-fitting nature allow the customized mouthguard to actually absorb and redistribute the force of impact from an aggressively pubescent middle school linebacker, for example.

A recent study which tracked over 900 high-school football players revealed just as much, with players wearing customized athletic mouthguards reporting less incidences of concussion than players who wore those one-size-fits all guards you can find in the sporting goods section. As you can see, cheaper options are not necessarily better when it comes to athletic mouthguards, because their customized nature affords more and better protection for your little athlete’s vulnerable smiles.

And your children’s health isn’t something you can skimp on, is it?


Secure More Than Just An Appointment

Simply put, the longer your child goes without a mouthguard, or settles for the false sense of security offered by an over-the-counter mouthguard, the greater their chances of suffering a debilitating oral injury, concussion, or both. It certainly won’t help their performance, and an oral injury can be an expensive, emotionally scarring experience that can affect your child well into adulthood, and possibly for the rest of their life.

You can secure their smile by securing your appointment with us, and we make it easy to do just that. You can reach me at (503) 917-0523, or you can make your appointment online by filling out a quick questionnaire.

So get the protection your family deserves with a custom-fit athletic mouthguard before disaster strikes!



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