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Teeth Whitening From The Dentist Works Best

Welcome back to our Oregon City, OR dental blog!

It’s time for yet another October post, as the weeks continue to fly by.

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental solutions for your entire family. Our mission is to make sure you have the best possible smile throughout the year and, really, throughout your life.

This is because your smile is the first thing that people will see and base their initial impressions upon. It goes without saying that, if you have teeth that are yellowed or stained, you won’t be dying to show them off, you’ll probably prefer to stay hidden behind your Halloween mask instead.

But Halloween parties won’t last forever. Sooner or later you will have to confront reality.

Fortunately, our Oregon City Family Dentistry team has dentist-guided whitening solutions available that can radically transform your look for the better.

Have Your Teeth Lost Their Shine?

Did you start your day with coffee from the Singer Hill Cafe?

Will you have a soda pop or iced tea with lunch?

How about some chocolate to get your through the afternoon?

What about a nice glass of red wine to unwind with?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably already know how our daily habits can leave our teeth worse for wear.

Such stains can be deep and when combined with the darkening that comes with age, you won’t have much to smile about in terms of your used-to-be pearly whites.

Over-The-Counter Is Seldom The Answer

You’ll see them at the grocery.

And at the drugstore.

In Oregon City, OR there are so-called whitening solutions everywhere you turn.

These over-the-counter treatments are not usually the answer you are searching for since they seldom do much good.

What’s more, they could actually cause some real damage in your mouth.

This is because they come with mass-produced whitening trays that can’t possibly fit your mouth correctly. When you self-administer your whitening, the gel often spills over onto your gums and soft tissues, where it definitely does not belong.

Don’t trust your smile to an OTC kit, place your trust in your Oregon City dentist instead.

Dentist-Directed Teeth Whitening

Our Oregon City Family Dentistry team knows how to get the job done. And when you let us supervise the process there are a few advantages.

Unlike OTC solutions, we can custom-make whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly.

This ensures that the peroxide bleaching gel is concentrated in the right places and stays away from your gums and soft tissues.

What’s more, our at-home whitening kits are extremely easy to use.

You’ll simply apply the gel into your mouthpiece each night and continue the process until you reach your desired results.

Our whitening treatments have the power to improve your smile by up to eight shades, so go for it!

The entire treatment should take no more than a few weeks, and it is minimally invasive.

The results are sure to be stunning!

Take The Next Step

If you’re looking for a brighter and whiter smile, call us today at 503-917-0523 or contact us online to schedule your teeth whitening consultation.



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