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The Battle Against Tooth Decay

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If you are looking for a dentist in Oregon City, OR who can address your ever-changing needs, then look no further than Oregon City Family Dentistry.

Among our specialties is preventative dentistry, but we also pride ourselves on our restorative dentistry solutions, including cavity treatment.

In fact, the way we treat cavities now is a big improvement on the way dentists of earlier eras handled the situation.

Treating Cavities In Oregon City, OR

It happens to the best of us, and often without warning. As decay begins to take hold of your tooth, a small hole will develop. This miniscule hole is the start of a cavity. Unfortunately, the hole will continue to grow and eat away at your tooth spreading decay.

Don’t ever ignore such a situation and hope for the best, because inevitably it will get worse. It could eventually require a root canal or an extraction if left unaddressed for too long.

Just remember, that doesn’t have to be your fate, especially with Oregon City Family Dentistry on your side.

Our Fillings Will Set You Straight

The only sure-fire way to cleanse your mouth of decay is to let us restore the cavity and repair the tooth with a filling.

We know your time is valuable. So, we are happy to say that we can restore cavities in one quick office visit.

In an attempt to relax you, we use local anesthesia and then begin removing the decayed portion of the tooth. We then use fillings to restore and strengthen the tooth. Overall, it is a painless procedure that will save you some grief down the road.

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, you now have multiple options for effectively repairing cavities.

Composite resin fillings are popular because they can be made to blend in with the natural color of your teeth. Plus, preparing a tooth for a composite resin is much less invasive than preparing for traditional metal fillings.

The main difference is that the composite resin actually bonds to your tooth. This bond makes it virtually impossible for any more bacteria to get between the filling and your tooth.

Still, our office continues to offer conventional restorations like amalgam fillings and fillings made of gold.

While these fillings do not look as natural as composite resin fillings, they can last longer in certain circumstances. And they do tend to be slightly more affordable.

The choice is yours. No matter which one you choose, your health will be back on track in no time.

Let Us Make A Difference

As your partner for oral health, we wouldn’t want you to put off the care that you need. In our Oregon City, OR dental office, we make treating cavities a quick and comfortable experience that will get you back in shape fast.

Contact our Oregon City Family Dentistry team today if you’d like to learn more about cavity prevention or schedule your filling procedure.

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