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Sleep Apnea

How can we help?

We have advanced training in dental sleep medicine. We make dental devices to treat Sleep Apnea, also called oral appliance therapy.

How does a Dental Device work?

It is a specially designed “mouthpiece” that fits over your teeth. It is custom made for you by a licensed dentist with advanced training in dental sleep medicine. Our custom orthotic gently realigns the tongue and jaw position to an open airway and allows air flow to the lungs as you sleep.

Benefits of Sleep Apnea Dental Device Therapy

– Coverage available through most medical insurances (and we bill medical for you!)

– Easy to use and comfortable to wear

– Easy to travel with

– A better night’s sleep

– Improved daytime functioning

– Higher compliance rates than CPAP therapy

– Less snoring

Who is a good candidate?

– Patients diagnosed with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends patients with severe sleep apnea try CPAP first)

– CPAP intolerant patients Call us to schedule your FREE consultation regarding sleep apnea and find out whether you are a good candidate 503-656-8250

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