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Trust Is The Key To Dentistry

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we know that oral health is important to you and we want you to be certain that you have a dentist here in town that is the perfect match for you at this stage of your life.

You should know straightaway that we are committed to long term relationships with our patients and we always stand behind our work.

Our team believes wholeheartedly that trust is the basis of any lasting partnership. Trust is most definitely key when your family’s wellbeing and finances are on the line!

As such, we promise to honor the trust you place in us to look after your health.

When we say we are a family practice, we mean it. Our team is led by the husband and wife dentist duo of Dr. Kyle C. Smith and Dr. Annalisa Taylor Smith.

Being family oriented, we welcome patients of all ages and provide personalized, high quality care.

The nurturing office environment created by our relational philosophy and dedicated staff allows each of our patients to have a positive dental experience in the end.

Trust Us, We Have A Lot To Offer

We strive to be a comprehensive dental office that takes care of the entire family’s current needs over and above preventative maintenance. Some of our treatment services include:


Fillings are a common treatment for cavities at our office and are effective when dental decay does not extend into the roots of your teeth.

You can customize your fillings by selecting from tooth colored composite, porcelain, silver, or gold.

The process for fillings is quick and painless. We first gently remove the decay to prevent further damage to your teeth. The filling material is then applied and allowed to harden, and you are good to go.


At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we use crowns to cover a tooth and bring it back to its normal shape and size.

When do we use crowns?

In cases where a tooth’s structure is no longer capable of supporting a filling (usually because of decay or some sort of injury), a crown can be used to cover and strengthen the remaining tissue.

Crowns are also used to attach a bridge, cover an implant, or protect weak or broken teeth.


Fixed partial dentures are commonly called bridges.

What exactly do bridges do?

A dental bridge replaces missing teeth. It is affixed into place with glue and can be fashioned from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials.

It is not removed at night like dentures.

Dentures and Partials

False teeth, or dentures, are prosthetic dental devices that, you guessed it, replace missing teeth.

Dentures rely on support from surrounding bone structure and gums and must be taken out nightly for cleaning.

What about partials?

If some teeth still remain in the arch, a removeable partial denture can be used. It is often chosen as an alternative to a bridge for cost purposes, or if a patient is not a good candidate for a bridge.

Dental Implants

If you have suffered any adult tooth loss, the most natural feeling and functioning treatment option we can offer you is a dental implant.

At Oregon City Family Dentistry, we do these in three stages.

First, we insert an implant into the jaw with the tip just above the bone structure.

We let the implant fuse with your bone for three to six months, then we place a post in the implant. This post provides the structure for the new tooth.

The last step is placing a crown is over the post, and your smile will be good as new.

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We are truly thankful for one another, our outstanding Oregon City Family Dentistry team, and all of the patients entrusted to our care. We’d like to thank you for even considering us to be your partner in oral health.

To hear more about the wide array of dental solutions we offer, or to schedule your first preventative appointment, contact us today.



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