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It’s no secret that dentists get a bad rap. Our culture loves to poke fun at the dentist. Think about your favorite sitcom or TV show. Chances are those shows have had a story arc about the dentist — usually negative. Even the dental office in Finding Nemo — a hugely popular kid’s movie — is a horrifying place.

Whenever we think of dentists, we think of pain or uncomfortable procedures. There are millions of people who have a fear of the dentist. Dental fear will keep you away from the dentist and potentially put your oral health at risk. No matter how much we hate the dentist, we’ll eventually need a dentist at some point in their lives. We’re not born with a fear of the dentist. It was drilled into our head at some point. So, I’m going to try to rewire your brain a little today and address the major things keeping you from the dentist.

• Fear of the pain. At one time, there was a great deal of truth in this fear. Dentists didn’t always have the most modern or pliable tools. Now we do. Any patient who comes into our office can expect a gentle and pain-free examination. If we need to do dental work, we’ll explain every procedure well in advance. We even have sedation options of nitrous and oral sedation if you cannot control your nerves during the appointment.

• A past experience. Patients who have had a bad experience at the dentist in the past have reason for concern. This is a hard group to reach out to, but there are options to improve your dental experience. You can request sedation options or request a special consultation with our team before we conduct any treatments.

• Fear of embarrassment. Believe it or not, many people are afraid to show anyone their teeth — including their dentist. They don’t want our dentist to see the state of our mouths. So many new patients of mine are a little hesitant to show us their smile. The biggest thing we can say on this topic is that we’re not here to judge you; we’re here to help.

• Fear of being lectured. Some patients steer clear of the dentist because they worry about what the dentist might say to them about their teeth. It is frustrating to see unhealthy mouths, but we’re never going to lecture you. Again, we’re here to help you achieve the smile you want.

Here’s a great solution to your dental fears: Focus on the results!

We understand and sympathize with dental fears. Dental fear is a powerful thing that can keep patients away from the dentist. Without a dentist, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a healthy smile. Tooth decay can run rampant, along with gum disease. But here is a great way to look at dental treatments: consider what you’re gaining instead of the actual procedure. The procedure itself is short while the restoration or cosmetic treatment will last for years. It takes use only a few minutes in some cases to prepare a tooth for a filling or a crown. We match the restorations with a shade chart so no one can tell you have had dental treatment.

Our office caters to patients who are fearful or nervous about their dental treatment. We can help you overcome your dental fear. Call us today at 503-917-0523.



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