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Smiling doesn’t seem to mean as much during the winter. Although we’re blessed with some of the mildest winters in the country, everything’s relative. After all, it still snows, it’s drearier than usual, and frosty temperatures still conspire to give us less to smile about than in other seasons.

Now that we are deeply in the throes of spring, however, there is plenty to smile about.

For most people, it’s a source of happiness, but for you and your discolored teeth, it’s probably anxiety-inducing just to think about the season in these terms. Dental embarrassment can follow you no matter what time of year it is, but when people are out and about in the sunshine and having fun, it can make you all the more self-conscious when it comes time to smile.

Having discolored, stained teeth can force you into a state of strange awareness about your smile; whereas most people take this simple act for granted, you have to carefully measure every joke or happy event against the natural instinct to grin. This kind of self-editing can prevent you from fully enjoying the good moments in your life, effectively limiting the amount of joy that you express to your friends, family, and coworkers.

It’s a terrible state of affairs, and it’s one that can make your life less rich and less fulfilling/ But it doesn’t have to be that, because I can offer you a teeth whitening solution that’s far and above anything you can find in the drugstore.

All you have to do is believe that you’re worth it.


Over-The-Counter Solutions Only Marginally Effective

You may have already tried to solve this problem on your own. While I applaud you for taking charge, I don’t want you to waste your time or your money.

And it’s sad to say, but that is pretty much the case if you’re trying to brighten your smile with something you purchased from the drugstore. While some of those products are better than others, they simply cannot compete scientifically with my practice’s professional whitening products.

Why is that the case? It has to do with a little bit of chemistry – but don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a science lesson.

In all gel-based teeth whitening solutions, the active ingredient is peroxide (typically hydrogen peroxide), which uses the power of oxygen molecules to help scrub away microscopic stains.

The amount of peroxide in those over-the-counter options is much, much lower than what you can find in your Oregon City dentist’s office. At their best, a store-bought whitening gel will only lighten your smile just a few shades. At their worst, they can cause serious damage to your tooth enamel; their low peroxide concentrations often cause people to use them more than their recommended amount, which damages the enamel.

By contrast, the teeth whitening products that you will encounter at Oregon City Family Dentistry have a significantly higher concentration of peroxide which will ensure your teeth will be several shades whiter, with fewer treatments. The result is that it’s gentler on your teeth in order to achieve unrivaled results!


Get the Results You Want Now

A whiter, more attractive smile won’t magically fall into your lap; you have to go out and get it.

Fortunately, I make that process extremely easy. All you have to do is make your appointment, and we’ll handle the rest.

The process begins with a customized mouth tray that’s comfortable to wear, and while you’re at home or at work, you’ll apply the gel to the tray and wear it as directed. In just a few weeks, you’ll have a smile that’s brighter and healthier than anything you could experience with those weaker over-the-counter options.

Of course, I’ll have to check out the conditions of your smile to make sure that you are ready for a professional whitening treatment.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening solutions, give me a call at (503) 917-0523 to schedule a simple consultation appointment so I can evaluate the health of your teeth and gums and get them ready for teeth whitening, if necessary.

You may also feel free to reach out to us online. You can make an online appointment by filling out this online questionnaire. It’ll only take a couple of moments, and we’ll get right back with you to secure a time that works for you.

I can’t wait to hear from you!



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